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The Cocktail Party Effect with Leslie Irish Evans is a lifestyle podcast for intellectual seekers who like new ideas, clever tips, and good stories. Each program features an interview with a guest (authors, coaches, chefs & more) and includes a recipe for a well-crafted cocktail. New episodes go up on Wednesdays on the blog page, and you can listen and subscribe at Contact Talk Radio, iTunes, and

As for the show’s name; it’s a real thing. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

The cocktail party effect is the phenomenon of being able to focus one’s auditory attention on a particular stimulus while filtering out a range of other stimuli, much the same way that a partygoer can focus on a single conversation in a noisy room. This effect is what allows most people to “tune into” a single voice and “tune out” all others.


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There’s Been a Death.

by Leslie Irish Evans on November 11, 2016

It’s now Friday, which means it’s been three days since the election. Two and a half, really, since the results started pouring in. I remain stunned by the results. Donald Trump is our president-elect, and I am still sick about this fact. I don’t know when I will stop being sick about it. This is […] [Read On]

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