PODCAST: Eating Well with Melissa Joulwan

by Leslie on March 9, 2016

Eating healthy and eating well, are they the same thing? What’s the deal with the paleo diet? How on earth do you pronounce Becherovka and what the hell is it? Join me for a chat with Melissa Joulwan, author of my second-favorite cookbook of all time (and find out what my first one is.)



Melissa Joulwan is the author of the bestselling cookbooks Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat and Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat, and the blog www.MelJoulwan.com, where she writes about her triumphs and failures in the gym, in the kitchen, and in life. Melissa’s workouts are just as likely to include yoga and meditation as lifting heavy things and sprinting to stay ahead of the stopwatch. Her next cookbook Well Fed Weeknights will be published in November 2016.


Mel Joulwan’s got a soft spot for the Czech Republic, and she describes this herbal liqueur as “tasting like Christmas.” I discovered a drink to go along with it, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on a bottle of Becherovka as of yet, so I.O.U. one personal photo of a …


(clicking on that will take you to Saveur.com’s recipe for a Beton cocktail, which is pretty much a gin & tonic with Becherovka instead of gin.)



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