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You waited (and waited and waited) in the car for your daughter to finish that lesson. You attempted (and failed) to create your son’s Halloween costume from pantyhose, wire hangers, and duct tape. You burned the made-from-scratch cookies for the bake sale. And then … you had a total and complete meltdown when you discovered that someone had returned an empty milk carton to the fridge!

Sound familiar? If that sounds like your life – it was my life, too.

Note the was.

I didn’t write that word in the past tense because my daughter was magically transported to her lessons herself, I suddenly became an expert seamstress, and my husband and children started throwing away those milk cartons. I wrote “was” because I learned how to deal with the stress that my kind, wonderful, super good-looking family produces. I’ve also learned that self-care is a non-negotiable necessity and there’s only one person who can control those meltdowns. Me.

How’d I get so smart?

I’ve raised two wonderful children while moving all over the country and maintaining a fun, mostly drama-free marriage to my husband of 23 years.

I’ve studied physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being during my three years of training and six year career as a massage therapist.

I’ve reached thousands of listeners each week through my radio show Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling about dealing with the stress of family life.

I’ve interacted with thousands of followers on my fun and busy Facebook fan page.

I’ve even contributed to a book about juggling work + family + the passions that light your fire: Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

I’ve ended the overwhelm and peeling myself off that ceiling – I can’t wait to help you do the same.

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