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Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling

Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling is a lighthearted, irreverent guide to practical self-care and stress moderation. It unflinchingly prods at motherhood stereotypes and reveals what real mothers look like.
Permission to be a human being …
•Like the good friend who calls you on your crap, this book will dissolve your drama queen delusions with a healthy dose of “Reality Check.”
•Get over yourself and ditch the guilt. Preserve, protect and defend your sleep. Get touched and make room for spirit. These are just some of the universal lessons inside.
•Too busy for books? No dice. Get the scoop with quick chapter synopses for moms who “can’t even find the time to pee in private, let alone read an entire chapter.”

Are you ready to ditch the guilt, perfectionism and anxiety?

This book is the truth serum you’ve been craving.


Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Mom Entrepreneur ExtraordinaireThe success of your personal and professional life comes as a result of more than just talent, commitment and hard work. With this book, you will quickly learn from other successful mom entrepreneurs who will assist you in juggling your responsibilities for both work and family. Top experts in each of their respective specialties (including Leslie Irish Evans), have joined together to give you powerful tools to support your optimal success and capabilities, as both an entrepreneur and a mom.


Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire is now on sale for $4 off the list price ($20 instead of $24). PLUS, $10 from each book sold will go to benefit ShelterBox USA, a non-profit disaster relief organization that brings tents, cook stoves, blankets, and dignity to families affected by disasters around the world.